Landing Internships and Your First Job: Taking Ownership and Responsibility

By Jerome Wong
19 March 2019 ♦ 1 Minute Read ♦

The best way to engender trust and loyalty from your manager is by consistently saying, “I’ll take care of it.” Taking ownership of a task and getting it done efficiently, without drama, is the basis of a productive, low-maintenance employee. You will quickly become your manager’s go-to person if your focus is on getting the job done regardless of whose responsibility it is. The late Jimmy Lee, the former vice-chairman of JP Morgan Chase, once spoke at one of our team’s off-sites and offered a great piece of advice:

 ” I pay my people a lot of money to bring me solutions, not problems.”

One of the more annoying habits managers deal with is listening to employees make excuses. One of the more prevalent ones is, “It fell through the cracks.” No, things do not just fall through cracks; you just didn’t do it. What if payroll called to tell you, “Sorry, your paycheck fell through the cracks this month“? You wouldn’t find that acceptable, would you? If you make a mistake, simply admit it, apologize, move on, and make sure it does not become a habit.

Many people do not take constructive criticism well because they mistaken view it as a personal attack on their skills or work. Treat criticism, especially in regard to minor issues related to your productivity or interpersonal skills, as a learning and self-improvement experience. Cheerfully accept your manager’s comments and take the situation a step further by asking for any additional advice to improve your performance. This request will be unexpected and is an additional opportunity to differentiate yourself from others.

About the Author

Jeremy Wong has established successful careers in finance, and technology, working for companies from Silicon Valley to Wall Street. After graduating from Columbia Business School, Jerome began his career in finance in the nascent area of credit derivatives at Chemical Bank in 1996. He is currently an adjunct instructor at the Fordham University Gabelli School of Business and an instructor in NYIF’s Investment Banking Certification.

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