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Electives –

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About the Investment Banking Certificate (IBC)

The Investment Banking Certificate (IBC) is a professional certification in four core disciplines in business and finance given by the New York Institute of Finance (NYIF). It is a blended, intensive 12-week program comprising digital distance learning and live courses that can be taken virtually anywhere around the world. IBC offers training for individuals who want to make a career transition to investment banking or whom need to hone their finance and business management skill set.

The skills developed or enhanced during the program are intended to produce competent individuals in the areas of general management, finance, financial statement analysis, and quantitative techniques with a specialization in financial markets and investment analysis.

certificateAverage Length: Rolling

mandeskEffort: Beginner / Intermediate

Foundation Courses
Build solid foundations for understanding finance with 4 courses
4 courses covering key disciplines of business and finance
1 course in techniques for essential business soft skills to be offered as part of the NYC Bootcamp
Economics for Financial Analysis
Finance for Nonfinancial Managers
Quantitative Techniques for Finance
Specialization Courses
Design your own path to specialization.
Choose any of the two tracks –
Track 1 – Choose ANY two of the four specializations (4 elective courses in each: 3 online + 1 at bootcamp)
Track 2 – Signature track, NYIF selected mix of 8 elective courses (6 online + 2 at botcamp)
Track 1
Capital Markets
Fund Management
Mergers & Acquisition (M&A)
Track 2
NYIF Signature Track in Financial Markets & Investments
Fundamentals of the Securities Industry
Fixed Income Securities
Derivative Instruments
Mutual FUnds and Exchange-Traded Funds
Hedge Funds and Private Equity
Wealth Management
Portfolio Management
Corporate Finance
Business Valuation
Corporate Credit Analysis
Measuring Risk: Equity, Fixed Income, Derivatives and FX
M&A Concepts and Theories: An Introduction
M&A Concepts and Theories: Advanced Topics
M&A – Structuring the Deal
M&A – Free Cash Flow Modelling

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About NYIF

We provide hands-on skills training using an immersive boot-camp mode of delivery. Training modules typically run for a week, minimizing your time away from work. While our focus is on risk, the desk-ready competencies you develop are applicable to a multitude of roles including valuation, model validation, asset-liability management, and quantitative modeling.

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