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New York Institute of Finance Professional Certificates

Differentiate your curriculum by integrating New York Institute of Finance’s highly sought after professional certificates. NYIF’s professional certificates combine theory and practice to develop critical analytical skills to enhance career prospects.


Our training style is immersive and interactive. We employ realistic simulations and case studies to prepare finance professionals for the future. For more information or to reach a New York Institute of Finance course advisor, please fill out this short form.

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It was a wonderful experience...I have enjoyed attending classes offered by great professionals & trying to keep up to a high level of learning that involves big effort and study

Abraham Mateos GallegoM&A Certificate of Mastery

...honestly, this course opened many doors to me in my professional career.

Finance ManagerAir France

The course content was excellent, and the professor was also very good and engaging.

Ana Cristina GarciaRisk Management Professional Certificate

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