The Top 7 Career Trends in Finance (2019)

Nearly every industry in the world is changing at a rapid pace right now. Between the economy, technology, and every other factor in this complex system, finance firmly fits into that description. If you want to land a job or thrive in the one you already have, you should stay up to date on the various trends that are taking place. Below are seven trends currently being used in finance today.

1. Companies are Hiring at Record Rates

Around 10 years ago, the financial sector started recovering from the 2008 crisis. Ever since it has seen incredible growth. The result is companies hiring at record rates. While getting a job is still difficult, more businesses than ever are actively searching for talented employees.

2. Your Digital Presence is Becoming More Important

In the past 15 years, LinkedIn has become one of the most successful businesses in the world. It allows you to connect with like-minded professionals, contact companies, and present your value to the financial world. As a result, you should optimize this platform as much as possible. Use it to show off your abilities, build your network, and develop your career.

3. You Need More Than Just a Degree

Though companies are bringing on new employees at record rates, they aren’t hiring just anyone. Your competition is getting better every single day, so you need to as well. Some easy ways to make that happen are obtaining certifications, going to seminars, and continuing to connect with other professionals in the industry.

4. Greater Emphasis on Company Culture

Financial businesses are beginning to understand that company culture really does matter. As a result, they are focusing more and more on how personalities fit together. A great way to take advantage of this development is building up your social skills and learning how to work in teams.

5. Changing Demographics

Evolving demographics are forcing companies to rethink their approach to providing service. The results is a greater emphasis on hiring people with diverse backgrounds. Professionals and job seekers should note this shift and embrace it. One way to do so if accentuating your unique history and mindset.

6. Technological Innovation

While face to face conversation isn’t going away, financial companies are continually embracing technology and increasing their online presence. One way in which they are doing so is creating mobile apps for their services. Another is using productively applications within the company. Becoming proficient with technology will be crucial going forward.

7. Evolving Regulation Laws

One of the most important topics in modern age is data sharing. Older issues, like the ethics surrounding financial management, are prevalent too. Combine these topics with a government that is always changing, and you get constant regulatory shifts. Keeping up to date with these changes can increase your value and keep your company safe from legal problems.

The ever-evolving financial landscape requires you to keep your strategy updated. As a result, it is crucial to keep learning, obtaining an education, and staying on top of the latest news. Looking into the 7 trends on this list is a great place to start.

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