Supply Chain Finance

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Part 1

This preview includes:
– General Overview of Supply Chain Finance
– Success Factors, Trends, and Future Developments in Supply Chain Finance

Part 2 

This preview includes:
– Definition of Supply Chain Finance
– Learn about the 3 flows of Supply Chain Finance
– Explore how financial and physical Supply Chains interact

Part 3

This preview includes:
– Learn why Supply Chain Finance is important
– Company competition within the industry 
– The recent growth of Supply Chain Finance

Part 4

This preview includes:
– The 4 solutions for target suppliers
– Shifts in different providers to gain market share
– Dynamic discounting, approved payables, and generating cash with strategic suppliers


Part 5

This preview includes:
– The relationship between solutions and the suppliers 
– Learn about dynamic discounts, virtual cards, P-Cards

Part 6

This preview includes:
– Discover the relationship between the media & Supply Chain Finance 
– Learn about the Mass Approach vs. the Selective Approach  

Part 7

This preview includes:
– Introduction of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning
– Learn how machine learning helped data become more accurate

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The New York Institute of Finance’s Introduction to Supply Chain Finance course provides background on the growing importance of Supply Chain Finance, delves into the key elements, and available options from which solutions are implemented and an in-depth view success factors. You will learn about the evolution of traditional trade finance and the shift to supply chain finance, become familiar with the various supply chain finance solutions, develop an understanding of prevailing market conditions and the important market participants and survey the techniques such as blockchain that are on the cutting edge of modern supply chain finance.

“Very practical course, with lots of foundational knowledge that will be useful further on in my career.”

– NYIF Alum ’17, Introduction to Supply Chain Finance

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