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NYIF has recently introduced a new virtual program for middle school and high school students called the G2020 Young Finance Scholars International Program. G2020 Young Finance Scholar (YFS) program helps children explore new topics in finance and business with a collaborative and engaging group of faculty and students around the world. 
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Our program will provide a comprehensive overview of interviewing assessment, practice, and strategy, tailored to the goals of the student. Our philosophy is that a "great interview is a great conversation!” This program will provide the online immersion to help a student feel comfortable in any situation, while developing key skills for winning the interview. 

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About NYIF

At NYIF, we provide hands-on skills training using an immersive boot-camp mode of delivery. Training modules typically run for a week, minimizing your time away from work. While our focus is on risk, the desk-ready competencies you develop are applicable to a multitude of roles including valuation, model validation, asset-liability management, and quantitative modeling.

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G2020 Young Finance Scholars International Program

The PAI program is a non-profit, financial, and business skills initiative to provide free education to disadvantaged kids and families. 

Global Prosperity for All Initiative (PAI)