Student Stories

Nana Aba Ashun

Current Occupation:

  • Chief Manager at Bank of Ghana

NYIF Courses Completed:

  • Advanced Portfolio Management Professional Certificate
  • Portfolio Management Professional Certificate
  • Fixed Income Professional Certificate
  • Derivatives Professional Certificate
About Nana

Nana Aba Ashun serves as a Chief Manager of the Financial Department at the Bank of Ghana.


After taking her first course, Nana decided to return to NYIF because she experienced a learning environment that couldn’t be matched anywhere else. She cites the professionalism of instructors and the hands-on learning techniques separate the New York Institute of Finance from other financial training institutions. Nana wanted to take courses that would refresh her memory of theories learned at school and also keep her skill set up to date in the changing finance industry. She completed the Advanced Portfolio Management Certificate on October 2017.

My Example

Nana Aba Ashun

My name is Nana Aba Ashun I work for the central bank of Ghana I am a chief manager. I work in the financial markets department and I am responsible for managing the Ghana petroleum funds which is the world fund of Ghana.

I have I’ve taken quite of number of courses in other place but they were not courses that gave you come back from the courses and you are not able to do what you really want to achieve in your work right so I wanted a course that would give me a refresher of the theories that I had learned in school I’ve been out of school for quite a while I wanted a course that would give me a refresher about the theoretic side and academic side at the same time give me also a practical professional twist to those theories and also show where there has been changes in the industry. This is a face paced industry changes are happening every day back to back industry so you wanted training that would keep me up to pace that will give me knowledge that would keep me at that level in that industry. We are also using a lot of software in this industry some of them in practicular Bloomberg and Bloomberg asset investment and management tool and you want to be able to move to be able understand what the Bloomberg is actually giving you so the experience with this NYIF course that I have attended in particular derivatives professional certificate portfolio management professional certificate fixed income professional certificate investment banking professional certificate what I have gained is that I have gained a deeper insight in theory and academic development aspect and I also able to translate by the nature of training theoretical side to a more practical and professional setting then I also been able to see how the benefits of using tools like Bloomberg and excel because the classes the lectures are such you are taking theoretical aspect and also you are shown how to implement or translate the courses how to translate all those equations linked to excel and also to translate that same understanding into Bloomberg so it gives you a very solid understanding of what you are doing and gives the confidence that you can use any strategies that you think will be beneficial to your portfolios any point in time.

Most of them have the practical aspect that is they are experience professionals and very seasoned professionals and then also the lecture and I mean it’s not like they have been only lecturing in the past they been doing the two things at the same time they lecture and teaching and also they are working with hedge funds fixed income houses and all that so they have very current academic and professional knowledge in the industry and they bring that to bear in their lectures so it makes it very effective.

NYIF gives you desk ready skills you move from here back to your workplace and you are ready to implement whatever you have learned because if it was some theory explained to you are taught to how it works and how you can implement it on excel and Bloomberg so yeah the desk ready skills NYIF give to you.
Definitely I would recommend NYIF.

Chartered Financial Risk Engineer™

The CFRE™ curriculum for becoming a Financial Engineer is on the cutting edge of the practice and theory of financial risk management, the fastest growing area of employment in finance. All courses can be completed in-person, online or virtually. Below are 3 of 5 of the fundamental courses of the CFRE™ program.

♦ Derivatives Professional Certificate
Develop a comprehensive, practical understanding of derivative instruments including market conventions, contract specifications, valuation, trading strategies and the regulation of derivatives markets.

♦ Fixed Income Professional Certificate
Develop a complete set of desk-ready skills for fixed income market participants. You will learn how to determine fair values, yields and risk measures for a wide variety of instruments including government bonds, corporate bonds, mortgage securities and fixed income derivatives.

Risk Management Professional Certificate
A comprehensive survey of the practice of Risk Management. The major types of risk are identified, risk management tools and techniques are reviewed and financial regulation is covered.

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