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Mark Stevens


  • Villanova University 15′, B.B.A Accounting
  • ABA Stonier Graduate School of Banking 18′, Executive Education- Banking
  • University of Pennyslvania 18′, Wharton Leadership Certificate, Aresty Institute of Executive Education
  • Harvard University 18′, Masters Degree Finance

NYIF Courses Completed:

  • Quantitative Methods for Finance Professional Certificate
  • Chartered Financial Risk Engineer™ – January 2018
About Mark

Mark has over 10+ years’ experience in lending, credit, sales and financial statement analysis. He earned his BBA degree in Accountancy from Villanova University and is currently attending Harvard University to obtain a Master’s Degree in Finance. In addition, Mark is a New York Institute of Finance Chartered Financial Risk Engineer™ candidate.


Mark decided on New York Institute of Finance & CFRE™ program because he wanted to acquire real-world skills that he can apply to current and future roles in the financial sector.

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My Example

Mark: My name is Mark Stevens and I am currently employed in the capacity of financial consultant for a major accounting firm outside the greater Philadelphia area. My specialty area is credit risk advisory for hedge funds, private equity and major investment banks. Effectively I handled major securitization and portfolio risk management. My primary goal I was heavily interested in learning more about capital markets, I understand that the institute here has a capital markets certificate. However upon looking at Capital Markets, this is something I currently work in now, I also work in financial risk which I was heavily interested in learning much more about. And at the time the CFRE was in the midst of inception and as I kept reviewing the program, I wanted to be apart of the CFRE and be one the first people to earn the designation. And my goal upon finding out about the designation was to get into the designation and earn my way in which I have accomplished. I did that by going through the Quant Methods Certificate and the instruction was outstanding. The New York Institute of Finance has heavily helped my career push new heights the instruction I have learned here is very well classed from experts and current practioners in the field. In terms of my career, it helped built heavy credibility from colleagues and clients I have come into contact with. Furthermore, prior to NYIF I have worked in Loans and underwriting and credit risk since age 19 I was a mortgage loan officer at the time and thru many years of loan sales I got into credit underwriting. From credit underwriting I now work consulting fully. As before the instruction I received is just world class and very helpful and pivotal for my career and where I’m going. Outstanding I highly recommend this institution to anybody that is serious about their financial career. World class staff learn from practicioners and experts in the industry who are really dedicated to success. Effectively in my current position, the skills I have acquired here at NYIF have been again extremely pivotal. Especially when it comes to credit underwriting and risk management and derivatives those are very serious pieces of what I do in terms of my career and instruction I have received is world class. The instuctors at the New York institute of finance are again are very dedicated to the success of the student. These are people are current practiionaers and experts in the field and rept tremendous benefits from. I chose CFRE over other designations because of the acquiring of the desk ready skills sets there are other great designations out there but one thing that sets CFRE apart is there is a greater body of knowledge in a very specific skill area risk management the four major areas of the CFREwhich are the programming, risk management, deriivcative and fixed income are very essential to any risk management role in any major company. That’s why I chose it over any other options that were available. And also due to the rigorous nature of the program is another thing that set it apart and is why I chose to do it. The virtual class are very well done, the technology is on point and all done in real time and one of the convenience of the virtual classes is that you can go back rewind if you miss certain topic which is something you cant do with a live class. So virtual classes have been fantastic especially when we’re working on the assignments on my own. What sold me on New York Institute of Finance is a well-respected and well renown institution located in the financial capital of the world New York city and was founded by the NYSE nearly a century ago. World class faculty and world class workers that are here that are dedicated to your success. I hadn’t experience anywhere. I never had anyone had a sincere in my career and try to get me there.

Featured Courses

Derivatives Professional Certificate
Develop a comprehensive, practical understanding of derivative instruments including market conventions, contract specifications, valuation, trading strategies and the regulation of derivatives markets.

Fixed Income Professional Certificate
Develop a complete set of desk-ready skills for fixed income market participants. You will learn how to determine fair values, yields and risk measures for a wide variety of instruments including government bonds, corporate bonds, mortgage securities and fixed income derivatives.

Risk Management Professional Certificate
A comprehensive survey of the practice of Risk Management. The major types of risk are identified, risk management tools and techniques are reviewed and financial regulation is covered.

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