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Gabriel Tezanos

“I was definitely working while taking the IBC. I used to try to complete sections before work and after work, for example if work started at 9am I would work on some of the sections at 7am. Or when my coworkers would go home at 6pm I would stay sometimes until 9pm completing sections. I just found the time and powered through.”

– Gabriel Tezanos

 August 2019, Investment Banking Certification

About Gabriel

Meet Gabriel, he has been working as an Investment Banking Analyst for 3 years. 70 percent of his work is in financial valuation, models, and excel. The other 30 percent is meeting with clients, doing research, and presentations.

The IBC program allowed him to get a grip on the theory behind how to evaluate companies, corporate finance, and the different accounting methods that may make financial valuation tricky. He learned a lot of essential knowledge and theory as well.

He plans on continuing to learn on the job, staying sharp with his excel skills, and looks forward to seeing if the IBC can improve his efficiency at work. Gabriel enjoyed the completeness of the curriculum –  it went all the way from corporate finance to financial valuation and in the middle about career skills, and even quantum topics like math, and research skills.

Watch his student testimonial to see what else he thought about the course, important takeaways, and insights.

About The Investment Banking Certification: Online

The Investment Banking Certification: Online provides a specially designed Mini-MBA level program in business finance, valuation and investment banking. Students will gain practical and comprehensive understanding of Capital Markets, Fund Management, Valuation, and Mergers & Acquisition (M&A).

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