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Faisal Alqudaibi


  • Bentley University ’16, B.S Economics and Finance

NYIF Courses Completed:

  • Financial Modeling Professional Certificate – January 2018
  • Corporate Finance and Valuation Methods Professional Certificate
  • Portfolio Management Professional Certificate

About Faisal

Hailing from Massachusetts, Faisal Alqudaibi attending and graduated from Bentley University with a B.S in Economics and Finance along with a minor in law. Faisal also interned at The National Commerical Bank and Alkhabeer Capital.


Faisal decided to enroll at the New York Institute of Finance to improve his skill-set and expand his finance knowledge. He completed three professional certificate courses during the summer of 2016. Faisal gave credit for his success to his instructors who were accessible and willing to help him along his journey.

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My Example

Faisal: My name is Faisal Alqudaibi I am a recent graduate, I just graduated last week from Bentley University in Wathham, next to Boston. Uh I mostly took these courses at the New York Institute of Finance to better prepare myself from my career, I wanted to take courses where I lacked certain divisions like valuations and financial mortgaging. That was the purpose of me attending New York Institute of Finance. I am currently unemployed. The courses I am taking are just for myself and my benefit, hopefully it benefits of my career which I assume it will cause I want to get into investment banking and investment banking is big in corporate finance, financial valuations and financial mortgaging. I feel the thing that is going to benefit out of the courses is for example excel is being more proficient using excel, terms and excels function. Excel you need to have a lot of training and day to day activity to be professional in it. And I feel New York Institute of Finance can give me that opportunity of practicing my excels skills whether its doing walkthrough foundation or pure excel. The experience so far has been great. Any help I wanted I got, The people and the team here were very generous the instructors whether it weas tracy or William were all great they gave us a lot of inside information like it was helping us with our careers, financial help and how to structure deals and even for example. Me and tracy sat down for two hours looking at a IPO and why for example it was undervalued compare to the Saudi valuation. So I feel the experience was great 10 out of 10.

Featured Courses

♦ Financial Modeling Professional Certificate
Comprehensive analysis of the major facets of the Mergers & Acquisitions industry and the skills engaged in executing all areas of transactions from pre to post-mergers integration.

♦ Corporate Finance and Valuation Method Professional Certificate
Understand how the key principles of project analysis, budgeting, and valuation decide a firm’s optimal capital structure.

Risk Management Professional Certificate
Develop core competencies in portfolio management. Learn how to conduct portfolio performance measurement and attribution. Review portfolio strategies for a variety of asset classes including fixed income, equity, and alternatives.

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