Student Stories

Demenongu Yanfa

Current Occupation:

  • Central Bank of Nigeria, Deputy Director- Financial Markets Department

NYIF Courses Completed:

  • Fixed Income Professional Certificate – October 2017
  • Capital Markets Professional Certificate
About Demenongu

Demenongu Yanfa is currently a Deputy Director at the Central Bank of Nigeria working in the Financial Markets department.


 Demenongu initially enrolled with the New York Institute of Finance on the recommendation from his peers. In November 2016, Yanfa received his first certificate from NYIF, the Capital Markets Professional Certificate. He later returned to complete the Fixed Income Professional Certificate is currently applying the skills he obtained in his current occupation at the Central Bank of Nigeria.

My Example

My name is Demenongu Yanfa and I’m from the Central Bank of Nigeria. I’m a deputy director working in the Financial Markets department.

My primary goal actually is to strengthen capacity and be able enhance my productivity on the job because on this subject matter which I’m here for fixed income instruments is one of those responsible that we carry out in the department we carry on bond option of the government and we also do some discount window oppressions and as result we should be able to evaluate the value of the securities as collateral to the central bank and from there I think to understand the mechanics more and see what can be done to strengthen the oppressions of the department.

I think the courses are really good, very good. The composition of the class is also very good. You have participants from various countries and various central banks and those in private sector like in this various class you have represented from JP Morgan. One of the managers of the reserves central bank, from the country of Nigeria and Wells Fargo is there and other participants of other central banks, El Salvador, Pakistan and quite a lot and the program involves as well as practice so it’s a blend you know the participants is very good because experiences are being shared like what is on the job experience and so it’s a very good one.

The instructors are very good they’re so knowledgeable and competent and technically sound. One thing that also impressed me the most is that the theories are being put into practice and demonstrated using the Bloomberg terminal which we have seen virtually display we’ve done some arithmetic using the various formula so it was very good we got to the point of testing using the excel to work on the maps and to get the same result that is displayed on the Bloomberg that shows the proficiency of the instructor because if the instructor wasn’t proficient it would be difficult to get the corresponding answer manually and its quite good and I’m equally impressed. They have a vast experience in delivery of the program which Is good and excellent.

This is my second time, I was here last year and last year I came on based on feedback from various participants this time I had to come because I quite appreciated what I learned last year. The delivery the quality of the instructors and the content and course content was very good. And I think with the blend of practice from and advanced academy it has offered some new insights into what can be done particularly from our economies and oppressions of from those services being generated that I think comparatively I think there is an edge based on the quality from the participants from the market there’s market background and from the academia the one we had today has and the one we have today also have course management for a number of years practice so the quality is good and I think from what I have lean rim getting more

Obviously, I have no doubt this is an excellent environment and services is quite good and I can recommend to anybody.

Chartered Financial Risk Engineer™

The CFRE™ curriculum for becoming a Financial Engineer is on the cutting edge of the practice and theory of financial risk management, the fastest growing area of employment in finance. All courses can be completed in-person, online or virtually. Below are 3 of 5 of the fundamental courses of the CFRE™ program.

♦ Fixed Income Professional Certificate
Develop a complete set of desk-ready skills for fixed income market participants. You will learn how to determine fair values, yields and risk measures for a wide variety of instruments including government bonds, corporate bonds, mortgage securities and fixed income derivatives.

Risk Management Professional Certificate
A comprehensive survey of the practice of Risk Management. The major types of risk are identified, risk management tools and techniques are reviewed and financial regulation is covered. 

Derivatives Professional Certificate
Develop a comprehensive, practical understanding of derivative instruments including market conventions, contract specifications, valuation, trading strategies and the regulation of derivatives markets.

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