Student Stories

Benny Huang


  • Hult International Business School 18′, Master Degree, International Business and Finance
  • César Ritz Colleges 15′, Bachelor of Arts, International Business in Hotel and Tourism Management
  • Washington State University, Bachelor’s Degree, Hospitality Business Management
  • Royal Brisbane International College 12′, Advanced Diploma, Hospitality and Tourism Management

NYIF Courses Completed:

  • Mergers and Acquisitions Professional Certificate – August 2017
About Benny

Benny Huang originates from Hong Kong and is currently a student at the Hult International Business School in Boston, Massachusetts. 


Benny came to the New York Institute of Finance to increase his knowledge of Mergers and Acquisitions. He understands the importance of having a strong background in M&A in order to become a successful investment banker.

My Example

My name is Yu Bin Huang but normally people just call me Benny and I are originally from Hong Kong. So right now, I’m taking the master of finance at the international business in Boston. So the reason I came here was I wanted to learn more about the financial knowledge cause I have a totally different background. I studied Hotel Management in my undergrad, so this is the reason I came to New York.

I took this course because I am going to graduate next March and I wanted to learn more. I want to be an investment banker, so I’ve come here and wanted to learn more about the M&A Courses cause they are really important if I want to become an investment banker. I learn about (M&A )during school but I felt it wasn’t enough so the NYIF is a really strong foundation with the industry knowledge and expertise so that why it’s my primary goal to learn here like to learn different negotiation, financial modeling, federation from these courses.

In this class, in the M&A class we have two professors, one is Chris the other is Juan, Chris is the head specialist in investment banking especially in M&A. Juan is a specialist, CPA of management in accounting. These 2 professors are amazing, they know a lot of not only of the knowledge of the concepts and theories and they also provide a lot of the case studies and industry expertise.

The overall experience I felt like there’s a lot of engagement, I feel like I can connect with the professors, connect with professionals in the class we have people from other countries we have people from South America Europe Asia and North America and the US as well. So, we can connect with each other during the class we have a lot of discussion of different scenarios this is a really good opportunity. And also, the staff here like Diana and like Kevin are really willing to help so they gave me a lot of assistance a lot of support and anything I wanted to know I wanted to get the assistance they would help me without any hesitation. The class is intense but it provided a great opportunity to grow. Overall this experience is amazing!

Chartered Investment Banking Analyst

The Chartered Investment Banking Analyst program develops the complete set of desk-ready skills to succeed in the competitive world of corporate finance and investment banking. The CIBA™ curriculum comprises five Professional Certificates courses. Each course is an intensive, hands-on learning experience delivered over five days. You can attend the in-person classroom sessions in New York, or you can participate in our virtual classrooms in real time, from anywhere in the world using our online learning platform.

♦ Mergers and Acquisitions Professional Certificate
Comprehensive analysis of the major facets of the Mergers & Acquisitions industry and the skills engaged in executing all areas of transactions from pre to post-merger integration.

Corporate Finance and Valuation Methods Professional Certificate
Understand how the key principles of project analysis, budgeting, and valuation decide a firm’s optimal capital structure.

Financial Accounting Professional Certificate
Explore the core financial accounting tools that will help you understand annual reports and footnotes – creating a solid understanding of the financial statements.

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