Risk Management Pop Quiz

We invite you to participate in our Risk Management Professional Certificate pop quiz. Challenge yourself with the question below!

Q.  Which one of the following statements regarding bond duration is correct?

A) The duration of a coupon bond is simply the remaining term to maturity of the bond.
B) The Macaulay duration of a zero coupon bond is simply the term to maturity of the bond.
C) The yield duration of a bond measures the sensitivity of the bond price to changes in yield to maturity on the bond.
D) B and C.

Answer: D.

What is the Risk Management Professional Certificate?

The Risk Management Professional Certificate is a comprehensive survey of the practice of Risk Management. The major types of risk are identified, risk management tools and techniques are reviewed and financial regulation is covered. Delegates will work through the annual risk report of a publicly traded financial institution. A number of case studies are analyzed to illustrate key principles of risk measurement and management.