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Quantitative Methods for Finance 
Professional Certificate One Pager
The Quantitative Methods for Finance Professional Certificate teaches you all the mathematical techniques, Excel tools, VBA programming skills and numerical methods that you need to succeed.

This one-pager highlights the New York Institute of Finance Quantitative Methods for Finance Professional Certificate course curriculum in an easily downloadable PDF format.

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"Instructors real-world experience in the subject of modeling, his ability to explain concepts in an easy-to-understand way, awareness of students' level of preexisting knowledge"
-NYIF Alumni, August 2017

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At NYIF, we provide hands-on skills training using an immersive boot-camp mode of delivery. Training modules typically run for a week, minimizing your time away from work. While our focus is on risk, the desk-ready competencies you develop are applicable to a multitude of roles including valuation, model validation, asset-liability management, and quantitative modeling.