Project Finance & Private Public Partnerships

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Part 1 – Real Estate Analogy

This preview includes:
– Hypothetical real estate loan scenario
– Leveraged buyouts

Part 2 – Definition of Project Finance

This preview includes:
– Understanding the Project Finance definition
– Recourse diagram
– Typical project economic units


Part 3 – Understanding The Public Private Partnership

This preview includes:
– Definition of Public Private Partnership
– Theory of Public Private Partnerships

Part 4 – Introduction to Participants and Motivation

This preview includes:
– Example of occupations that include Project Finance
– Motivation of “purely commercial project sponsors, public-private partnership government, commercial partnership, and lenders


Part 5 – History and Evolution of Project Finance

This preview includes:
– Real life examples of Project Finance
– Breakdown of present history of Project Finance
– 2015 project activity by type

Part 6 – Classic Deals (Iron Ore Mine)

This preview includes:
– Real life application of Project Finance from the viewpoint of the sponsors and lenders


About The Course

The Project Finance and Public-Private Professional Certificate develops a complete set of job-ready skills for investors, commercial and investment bankers, lawyers, accountants, and regulators. You learn about the accounting and economic drivers that motivate the use of Project Finance as opposed to other types of commercial lending and investment. After being introduced to the different types of projects and Public-Private Partnerships, you will meet the key participants and learn about their roles and responsibilities in creating operational and financial structures at critical points in a project timeline.

“NYIF was an excellent chance not only to obtain the tools I needed to improve my skills in Public Private Partnership Project Finance but also to expand my business network. Having the opportunity to interact with professionals with similar interests made the training richer.”

— Andres Farias von Riehm ’15, Project Finance & The Public-Private Partnership Professional Certificate

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