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A portfolio manager is primarily responsible for investing money. They are tasked with guiding customers through investments, assets, and other financial products such as mutual funds. Day-to-day tasks include client consultations, generating reports on investment activity, and working to maximize investment returns on bonds and equity. Below, you can see how much a portfolio manager can make on average at some of the top banks around the United States.

Median Portfolio Management Salaries in the U.S.

Courtesy of Payscale

The median annual Portfolio Manager salary is $84,716.

Courtesy of Payscale

Portfolio Managers pay can increase as they take on more responsibility in a senior role such as Chief Investment Officer. Chief Investment Officers receive an average of $186,000 annually. A more direct promotion to a Senior Portfolio Manager can yield a $142,000 yearly salary.

About Portfolio Management Professional Certificate

Develop core competencies in portfolio management. Learn how to conduct portfolio performance measurement and attribution. Review portfolio strategies for a variety of asset classes including fixed income, equity and alternatives.

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