Mortgage Backed Securities

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Mortgage Backed Securities

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Part 1 – Overview

This preview includes:
– Explanation of what a Mortgage-Backed Security is
– Outstanding US Bond Market Debt in billions
– US Fixed Income Markets

Part 2 – Course Introduction

This preview includes:
– Early forms of Mortgages
– Real Estate and Mortgages during the depression
– Government Programs to support the mortgage market

Part 3 – Government Agencies vs. Government Sponsored Enterprises (GSEs)

This preview includes:
– Securitizations based on government-insured/guaranteed mortgage loans 
– Securitizations based on conventional or government-backed mortgages

Part 4 – Risk Factors

This preview includes:
– Uncertainty of Cash Flow due to the potential for prepayment

Part 5 – Pass-Through Securities

This preview includes:
– Structured securities – Mortgage-Backed Securities, Asset-Backed Securities & collateralized debt obligation
– Asset securitization structured payouts

About The Course

Mortgage Backed Securities is a fast-paced, comprehensive yet detailed introduction to the U.S. mortgage-backed securities market. The coverage runs from the basics of terminology and features of individual mortgage contracts all the way through to the structure and investment characteristics of exotic instruments such as PAC bond tranches and reverses mortgage securitization.

“NYIF is a great option for those looking to learn more about specific finance-related topics that you just won’t get in the undergrad or grad school. I took the course on Mortgage-Backed Securities (MBS) and I can tell you first hand, this is something they just don’t teach about in great detail in college. Appreciated the chance to learn from someone with real-world experience and alongside other colleagues working in the industry. Have referred back to my course materials on numerous occasions since for reference.”

— Ryan Bilsky ’17, Mortgage-Backed Securities

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