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Mergers & Acquisitions

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Part 1 – Course Overview

This preview includes:
– Concepts and Theories
– Structuring Deals

Part 2 – Global M&A

This preview includes:
– Discover the recent history of M&A
– Review the different types of mergers
– The role of M&A in the U.S. and Europe

Part 3 – Case Study A

This preview includes:
– Students simulate two investment banks competing for business in Thailand

Part 4 – Emerging Markets

This preview includes:
– Find out why the emerging markets M&A is low 
– Learn about sellers in emerging markets 
– Discuss general issues of M&A in emerging markets

Part 5 – Higher Order Derivatives

This preview includes:
– Learn about the buyer’s point of view for most deals 
– Find out top 10 M&A buyer motivators

Part 6 – Case Study C

This preview includes:
– Students simulate a large retail acquisition
– Group one convinces management to consider acquisition
– Group two makes arguments against the acquisition

Part 7 – Case Study D

This preview includes:
– Students categorize recent mergers and acquisition deals

Part 8 – 3 Ways To Increase Buyer’s Value

This preview includes:
– Learn how M&A increases buyer value
– Review common M&A terms

About The Course

The M&A Professional Certificate offers a comprehensive analysis of the major facets of the Mergers & Acquisitions industry and the skills engaged in executing all areas of transactions from pre to post-merger integration.

“The key benefit of these courses is getting very clear road mapping for M&As on The Sell Side and The Buy Side.”

– Khaled Abouheif ’16, M&A Professional Certificate

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