Financial Data Scientist™

Program Details:

We are developing a world-class program to bring you right to the cutting edge of the applications of Data Science to the world of finance. The program will equip you with the essential desk-ready skills that every data scientist is expected to master. You will become an accomplished R and Python programmer and develop a deep understanding of subjects such as machine learning, algorithmic trading and peer-to-peer lending.

Elective Components:

Candidates must complete two of the following components:

  • Algorithmic Trading (2 Days)
  • Machine Learning (2 Days)
  • Marketplace Lending (2 Days)
  • Cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin and Beyond (2 Days)
  • Blockchain: The Mechanics of Distributed Ledgers (2 Days)

Prerequisite Knowledge:

Candidates should have a good understanding of basic mathematics (basic calculus and linear algebra at the undergraduate level), probability theory and statistics. Some programming experience will be advantageous. Consider completing our Quantitative Methods for Finance Professional Certificate if you would like to review these subjects, before starting this program.

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"This course is going to help me reboot my career and to come up with a better solutions for the business needs. I think it will be very helpful for me to get involved into more programming like Python and R language."
- Mohammad Butt, Data Analysis and Programming for Finance

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