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Dollar Cost Averaging

Dollar Cost Averaging Explained

In this week’s Fast Finance lesson, New York Institute of Finance instructor, Jack Farmer, explains Dollar Cost Averaging. Dollar Cost Averaging forces you to buy stocks on a regular basis, so that over time, you will pay the average price for the stock. Therefore, you aren’t going to buy the low or sell the high, but you’ll get a fair price for the stock and overtime you will accumulate a valuable asset.

One important element of dollar cost averaging to keep in mind: Since you will be buying stocks on a regular basis, you will now have more transactions than you would if you were trying to time the market. So if your transaction costs are very high, then dollar cost averaging may not be the correct strategy to use. You should use Dollar Cost Averaging when investing in No-Load Mutual Funds or other investments that don’t have a fee each time you invest.

About the Instructor

Jack Farmer – Curriculum Director at New York Institute of Finance
Jack specializes in training and consulting solutions for portfolio risk management, FX and interest rate derivatives and trading, equity index and volatility trading, equity derivatives and structured equity products, financial statement analysis and hedge accounting.

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