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This course is part of NYIF’s Investment Banking Certification (IBC).

The Investment Banking Certificate (IBC) is a professional certification issued by the New York Institute of Finance (NYIF) in four core business and finance disciplines. It is a blended, intensive 12-week program comprising digital distance learning and live courses that can be taken virtually anywhere around the world.

IBC provides training to individuals wishing to make a career transition to investment banking or needing to improve their financial and business management skills. The skills developed or enhanced during the program are aimed at producing competent individuals with specialization in financial markets and investment analysis in the areas of general management, finance, financial statements analysis and quantitative techniques.

Upon completion of this program, participants will receive a certificate from the New York Institute of Finance. An NYIF certificate, highly valued in the financial industry, will bolster a resume or LinkedIn profile and prove the skills you’ve gained to potential employers.

You can learn more about IBC by downloading our free brochure, here.

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