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About NYIF

At NYIF, we provide hands-on skills training using an immersive boot-camp mode of delivery. Training modules typically run for a week, minimizing your time away from work. While our focus is on risk, the desk-ready competencies you develop are applicable to a multitude of roles including valuation, model validation, asset-liability management, and quantitative modeling.

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100+ Years of Financial Training Expertise, at Work for Your Business

New York Institute of Finance (NYIF) is a 100 year-old institution that specializes in financial training. We offer over 300 courses in-person, online and virtually live and are flexible in how we deliver and fit your training needs. Having trained numerous teams and organizations in over 125 countries, we’re known for our rigorous and desk-ready courses and deep knowledge in many finance subject matters. Founded by the New York Stock Exchange 1922, we are recognized in the U.S. and internationally, and many of the top banks and institutions train with us to:  

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Training Offered In Various Forms

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  • Shorten the on-boarding cycle
  • Increase competence and competitiveness
  • Fill knowledge gaps/identify risk areas
  • Improve business and financial judgement
  • Reinforce critical training content for long-term memory
  • Align with the company’s compliance ethos

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In Person Training

We can deliver instructor-led, classroom-based training via:

NYIF’s NYC training facility

Your company or preferred location

On Demand Training

We can deliver instructor-led, classroom-based training via:

A la carte – choose which courses or modules you want

Full, unlimited access to our 300+ course database

Virtual Live Stream Training

Attend classes live from wherever you have an internet connection


We serve a wide array of clients across different geographies, subject matters, knowledge levels, and learning management systems and can customize classes and materials to fit your training objectives.


NYIF’s history of training the world’s finance companies has allowed us to form connections within the industry. NYIF can take participants on tours of banks and finance organizations around New York City