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"Some of the concepts are directly applicable to what I see and do, most notably with bond duration, debt, and interest swaps - things that we covered during the course are one of the first formal trainings I received in Capital Markets. 

The instructors were highly knowledgeable and they actually do it in the industry as well. They could speak to how they apply their teachings in their line of work"

Corbin West
'19, Capital Markets Professional Certificate

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At NYIF, we provide hands-on skills training using an immersive boot-camp mode of delivery. Training modules typically run for a week, minimizing your time away from work. While our focus is on risk, the desk-ready competencies you develop are applicable to a multitude of roles including valuation, model validation, asset-liability management, and quantitative modeling.

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Capital Markets Professional Certificate Course Preview 


The Capital Markets Professional Certificate is the most popular introductory course program currently being offered by the New York Institute of Finance. This 5-day class offers a comprehensive survey of capital markets. This course functions as an introduction to the way global financial markets work.

Access a free course preview taken from the Capital Markets Professional Certificate.

This preview demonstrates:

  • - The relationship between Euro Dollar certificates of deposit versus the United States Dollar Deposit certificate of deposits.
  • - The relationship between buy-side and sell-side.
  • - The role of financial intermediaries.