The investing world saw a wave of activity from new investors thanks to the GameStop ($GME) stock debacle in February 2021. The increased volatility, compounded with a promise of revenge on hedge fund managers who were labeled as the architects of the 2008 market crash and subsequent Great Recession sent novice investors on a frenzy which steamrolled many experienced investors who were looking to avoid the chaos altogether. The abrupt flood made it difficult to wade through the onslaught of wallstreetbets memes and find well-researched information on anything remotely related to the market that left many feeling frustrated and overwhelmed.

If you’re one of those aforementioned seasoned investors whose seeking content that’s beyond the “Investing 101” niche, we’re here to help. Here are 10 of our favorite podcasts that cater to experienced investors like you.

10 Podcasts for Experienced Investors

1. We Study Billionaires/The Investor’s Podcast – Geared towards wealth-building strategies, co-hosts Preston Pysh and Stig Brodersen use their extensive financial backgrounds to talk shop with successful billionaires including Oprah Winfrey, Mark Zuckerberg, and Warren Buffet.

2. The Peter Schiff Show – Economist Peter Schiff focuses many of his episodes solely on economic data analysis and how current events may affect the global financial markets. If you’re interested in hearing in-depth analyses of how things like the U.S. National Debt or elections may affect your investments, this show is for you.

3. Motley Fool Money – Chris Hill hosts a panel of Motley Fool investment superstars every week to review the latest business and economic news and what implications each may have for the markets. Check out their episodes that go further into investing as a philosophy, like an episode with Jeanine Poggi from Ad Age where they discuss the ROI one can expect from a $5.5m Super Bowl ad.

4. Invest Like a Boss – If you’re looking towards investing with strategies popular with Millennials like FIRE (Financially Independent, Retired Early) and are interested in using new strategies like Airbnb rental investments and peer-to-peer lending to get there, this podcast is for you.

5. The Razor’s Edge – If you’re a fan of deep-dives on fundamentals from a prop trader’s perspective, then this podcast is for you. Hosts Akram’s Razor and Daniel Shvartsman offer perspectives on both traditional and avant-garde trading styles and how you can effectively weigh the costs and benefits of each.

6. Investing Insights from Morningstar – Popular with DIY investors who want deep dives on fundamentals like rebalancing, diversification, and information on niche sectors of the marketplace. Check out their interviews with industry leaders like Jack Bogle of Vanguard fame or author Stuart Lucas for thought-provoking chats on the best strategies for today’s market.

7. Chat with Traders – Host Aaron Fifield brings some of the most insightful and talented traders onto his show to discuss their strategies and tips for how to replicate their success. His ability to pull insights for actionable advice from his guests is reason alone to subscribe.

8. Animal Spirits – For those who want a little more of a well-rounded podcast that talks more about life than just the stock market, this podcast is for you. Hosts Michael Batnick and Ben Carlson host weekly chats about investing, markets, and life. Check out their episodes on the collectibles bubble and food delivery services for amusing discussions about how market volatility is everywhere.

9. Wall Street Breakfast – Perfect for the investor who wants a quick fix, Wall Street Breakfast was created by Seeking Alpha as a daily dose-style podcast. Each episode is delivered daily every 8:00 AM ET with an overview of what happened during the off hours and what to expect in the market that day to help you set up your trading moves for success.

10. Alpha Trader – Another podcast from the Seeking Alpha team, Alpha Trader takes a deeper dive into analyzing the latest news and events with opinions sourced straight from the most prolific traders in the market today. Co-hosts Aaron Task and Stephen Alpher bring on the best minds in the industry to talk about market predictions and actionable strategies.

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