Sample Question: Advanced Credit Risk Quiz

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Q.  The price of a risk-free, 5-year zero coupon bond with par $100 is $80. A corporation has issued a 5-year zero coupon bond with par value of $100. The price for this bond is $72. Assume that in the event of default by the corporation, the corporate bond will be worth zero. The bond prices imply a probability that the corporation will default at or before 5 years, of:

A) 0.9

B) 0.1

C) 0.72

D) 0.8

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The answer is B) 0.1

What is the Advanced Credit Risk Professional Certificate?

The Advanced Credit Risk Professional Certificate gives you a comprehensive survey of credit risk modeling, valuation and credit risk management techniques. You will develop models for assessing the value and risk of portfolio credit default swaps, tranche credit index products and various types of collateralized debt obligations.


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