Are you looking for the most popular finance blogs, such as personal finance blogs, to learn about money management in 2023 and beyond? If so, we have you covered. There is always something that we do not know fully about and tend to realize this only after all the damage has been done. Note that this is especially true when it comes to personal finances and money management.

You should know that only true knowledge can help you win the game. If you would like to improve your finances and financial skills, there are many places to learn how. The best thing is that we are living in a digital age!

So, you will find hundreds of finance gurus and experts on the internet who write blogs on various topics and make your life easier.

1.     The Penny Hoarder

You may have heard of The Penny Hoarder as it is one of the biggest and most popular personal finance blogs. The Penny Hoarder was founded in 2010 and seeks to empower individuals to make smart and prudent choices with their money. You will find plenty of amazing articles on saving money, whether it is frugal living or smart investment choices.

Kyle Taylor founded this blog, and its mission is to help people take full control of their finances. Note that the blog is engaging and informative and provides actionable articles and other resources on how to earn, manage, and save money.

2.     Money Crashers

Did you know that money Crashers is an ideal resource with many articles to help you make an excellent financial future? Keep in mind that Money Crashers is a great blog community for you if you would like to expand your knowledge of debit and credit card use and the basics of investing. The blog also delves into real estate.

‘Crashers’ is convenient as it has a valuable and useful search database of many finance blogs that can easily be ranked by many factors. The blog aims to build a community of financially sound people and deliver accurate and reliable news to these people so they may make informed financial choices.

3.     Get Rich Slowly

Note that Get Rich Slowly is another popular personal finance blog. It was developed in 2006 by J.D Roth.  Like many other successful finance blogs, you will be happy to know that Get Rich Slowly is ideal for people who want greater financial freedom. This is because it has many compelling and informative articles on real-life debt struggles.

Some of the topics include ways to save, earn, and invest your money. The author also covers the money mindset as well as steps to nurturing a healthy and positive attitude toward money. However, as the blog’s name suggests, you will not find any get rich quick schemes on this blog.

4.     MoneyWise

Wise Publishing runs MoneyWise. Keep in mind that its goal is to help readers make sense of various complex topics. This will help you make sound financial decisions. The website boasts seven million monthly readers, which is impressive.

5.     20Somethingfinance

As you can imagine, this is an excellent resource if you are just starting and need reliable advice on how you can spend less and save more from somebody in your age group who has managed to do this. The great thing is that this finance blog tackles all types of financial troubles and issues, such as how much money you can spend on your engagement ring.

Note that this is a great place to learn how you can be financially responsible, whether you’re in your early 20s or late 60s.

6.     FinanceBuzz

Did you know that FinanceBuzz is an excellent information website? It provides advice, tips, and recommendations to help people make better financial decisions. The personal finance blog is great as it aims to democratize and facilitate financial independence, not only for a select few but for all.

7.     Consumerist

There is no doubt that we all live in a consumerist society. This is why Consumerist is an excellent blog that can speak to the consumer in most of us. Note that being updated on what is affecting consumers as well as their wallets will give you a better and more comprehensive understanding of how you should spend your hard-earned money.

8.     Budgets Are Sexy

Did you know that J. Money started Budgets Are Sexy? J. Money is also known as ‘J$’ and is usually considered one of the fathers of the FIRE movement. The founder has an engaging and lighthearted writing style that will keep you coming back for more. Most posts are simple and straightforward.

9.     Clever Girl Finance

Bola Sokunbi founded Clever Girl Finance. She is a Certified Financial Education Instructor. The blog aims to empower women by providing motivation and accountability to pursue financial goals. The site is great and features more than 30 permanently-free finance courses along with many other resources.

10.    Financial Samurai

Since 2009, Sam Dogen has been successfully running ‘Financial Samurai’. The blog intends to dig deeper into career strategies, investing, real estate, and retirement planning, so that you can achieve financial independence.

Note that topics covered include almost everything from how you can retire early to guidelines and advice for buying a new car. Every post provides helpful and valuable insights about money and financial matters.

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