As we move from the tumultuous world of COVID-19 and hopefully find some semblance of normalcy soon, it will be important that we as leaders adjust to this new world and discover new ways to effectively lead our teams.

We’ve compiled a list of innovative and thought-provoking books that will make you a better leader in 2022. Check it out:

The Best Books for Business Leaders

1. Unleashed: The Unapologetic Leader’s Guide to Empowering Everyone Around You by Frances Frei and Anne Morriss – Frei and Morriss show how effective it can be to lead your team with a combination of love, trust, and belonging to create an environment that promotes success instead of cutthroat competition.

2. How Leaders Can Strengthen Their Organization’s Culture: 28 Simple and Effective Ways by Tim Burningham – If you’re suffering from a poor company culture then you know how debilitating it can be to company success and growth. Author Tim Burningham gives proven strategies that increase employee productivity and engagement while lowering turnover and drama.

3. Winning Now, Winning Later: How Companies Can Succeed in the Short Term While Investing for the Long Term by David M. Cote – Former CEO of Honeywell International David Cote shows how his strategies turned Honeywell from a $20 billion to $120 billion market cap through operational reforms and counterintuitive leadership practices. Fortune Magazine called it “the War and Peace of books on corporate leadership.”

4. Dare to Lead: Brave Work. Tough Conversations. Whole Hearts. by Brene´ Brown – An instant classic, Brown’s thought-provoking research into how we can enact game-changing ideas that keep us curious and our teams successful.

5. Performance Conversations: How to Use Questions to Coach Employees, Improve Productivity, and Boost Confidence (Without Appraisals!) by Christopher Lee – If you’re leading a team of remote or Millennial workers, then you know the rules have changed when it comes to team motivation and performance management. Christopher Lee takes a deep-dive into this changing world and has created dozens of ready-to-use templates and tools that offer new ways to create effective management procedures that are accessible, practical, and thought-provoking.

6. The Successful Manager: Practical Approaches for Building and Leading High-Performing Teams by James Potter and Mike Kavanagh – Described as “like sitting down for a cup of coffee with a world-class mentor who offers you the keys to mastering the art and science of successful management” The Successful Manager is a practical guide of insights that can help you lead a team to achieve their highest potential.

7. Fearless: Leading and Managing Unbreakable Teams by Tim Kintz – Written for leaders navigating a post-pandemic world, author Tim Kintz has created a resource that’s full of actionable, driven methods that produce success and profits.

8. What They Didn’t Tell Me: How to Be a Resilient Leader and Build Teams You Can Trust by Jawad Ashan – If you’re feeling like your leadership tactics are faltering, author Jawad Ashan has created this guide for you. Full of actionable advice for how to chart (and correct) your own path towards success and how to use the ripple effect of that to lead a successful team.

9. The Art of Alignment: A Practical Guide to Inclusive Leadership by Patty Beach – As the world moves towards more inclusivity so too must our leadership practices. Author Patty Beach tackles this sensitive topic in a way that’s pragmatic and actionable.

10. Emotional Intelligence for the Modern Leader: A Guide to Cultivating Effective Leadership and Organizations by Christopher D. Connors – Author Christopher Connors focuses on the Emotional Intelligence (EQ) factor each of us carries and shows how understanding the EQ drivers of your inherent self can be honed to make you an effective leader.

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